Jannat al-Baqi

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Jannat al-Baqi (also spelt Jannat ul-Baqi) is a famous cemetery in Madinah, Saudi Arabia, located right across from the Masjid al-Nabawi. It is well known since many of Muhammad's relatives and companions are buried here, and due to its sanctity. Its name means "Tree Garden of Heaven". Many traditions relate Muhammad issuing a prayer everytime he passed the cemetery.
Prior to the twentieth century, many of the graves were covered with domes or other structures. However, after the city of Madinah was taken by the forces of Ibn Saud, many of these buildings and tombs were destroyed, in order to keep with the Wahhabi ideal of not worshipping graves. Thus, the graveyard is now no more than a vast lot with some crude headstones made of rocks. Despite this, the graves of many historic figures continue to be visited by numerous pilgrims. Burials continue at the cemetery to this day as well.

People Buried at Jannat al-Baqi
All of Muhammad's wives
Muhammad's son Ibrahim who died in infancy
Fatima Zahra, Muhammad's daughter
Many of Muhammad's aunts
Abbas ibn Abd al-Muttalib, uncle of Muhammad
Hasan ibn Ali, 2nd Shia Imam, grandson of Muhammad
Ali ibn Husayn, 4th Shia Imam, great-grandson of Muhammad
Muhammad al-Baqir, 5th Shia Imam
Jafar Sadiq, 6th Shia Imam
Malik ibn Anas, Islamic jurist